Ken Routson and Leslie Stewart Individual Growth and Fulfillment

Hello Friends


My greatest passion is helping others discover their greatest passion and how to live life to the fullest. As an author, speaker, consultant, life coach, and workshop facilitator for over thirty years, I’ve traveled throughout the country conducting seminars, workshops, and individual classes on stress reduction, self-improvement, empowerment, motivation, and prosperity. I offer life coaching, and/or coaching based on my book, Beliefology, which focuses on the self-study of beliefs and how they impact the creation of our personal reality.

In addition, I offer specialized workshops for those with physical and emotional disabilities. Having developed day programs and residential support for people with special needs, as well as sensitivity training workshops for schools and social service agencies, I am honored to have been nationally recognized for my contributions in that arena. Proclaimed “Father of Supported Living in Butler County [Ohio],” and earning the “Pioneer Award” from the Ohio Head Injury Association, I established some of the first living arrangements for those with severe disabilities allowing them, with appropriate support, to move from nursing homes to “real” homes.

Author of Beliefology: Raise Your Consciousness to Wealth, Health and Happiness, and The Gifts of Autism & Alzheimers: Stories of Unconditional Love & Self-Determination, I am now at work on my next book tentatively titled: Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics: Let’s Stop Scaring Ourselves to Death.

I live near Dayton, Ohio with my lovely life partner, Leslie Stewart. My second greatest passion is enjoying nature with Leslie — marveling at a sunrise, meandering along a wooded trail, discovering a new spring garden, sitting by a waterfall, reveling in the colors of sunset, gazing at a brilliant night sky.