The Gifts of Autism and Alzheimers by Ken Routson

The Gifts of Autism and Alzheimers:
Stories of Unconditional Love and Self-Determination

A revolution is underway, and this book is an exciting part of it. Positive human stories are a powerful response to the negative words that our unhealthy medicine and unthinking science try to label us with as our brains and bodies age. Anecdotes, hidden powerful individual narratives, are the antidote to the poisons of pharmaceutical profits. True hope lies in community and caring, not in the hype and false hope of molecules and money.
— Peter Whitehouse M.D. neurologist, cognitive neuroscientist, internationally recognized expert on Alzheimers

While taking care of his mother with Alzheimer’s, Ken noticed in her characteristics and behaviors a similarity to people with autism. Having worked in the field of disabilities for over thirty-five years, he was very familiar with autism. After accepting the loss of his “original mother,” Ken fostered a different relationship with his “new mother.” The experience of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s took him on a fascinating adventure exploring the gifts of autism and Alzheimer’s and inspired him to write this book.

Ken asked Nancy Reder, a retired registered nurse to co-author the book. The Gifts of Autism and Alzheimer’s is a compilation of insights, observations, and inspiring personal stories by and about individuals with autism and Alzheimer’s.


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Beliefology by Ken Routson

Beliefology: Raise Your Consciousness to Wealth, Health and Happiness

Ken’s Beliefology concept is right on the money. Our belief systems do indeed attract corresponding life events. Positive or negative experiences are casually created by underlying thoughts, ideas and beliefs. thus the need to re-focus inward, identify limiting beliefs and do the necessary work to help ourselves.    
Martin Segal, author of THE GURU IS YOU 

Our conscious thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and emotions are transmitted as energy frequencies which act as magnets that attract experiences and events. Beliefology simplifies complex metaphysics, quantum physics, and natural progressive spirituality presenting them in a practical, functional, and understandable way.

Science, religion, and medicine are beginning to merge with a viable synergy. We can see these changes today in education, business, and politics. Earth and weather are also being affected by changing consciousness. Beliefology can give you a new perspective on yourself, God or Source, the universe, and the world.

A self-study of how your beliefs about yourself and the world co-create your reality, Beliefology can help you:

   * Learn how beliefs create your life and why there are no accidents and no victims
   * Learn techniques to identify and un-learn erroneous beliefs
   * Learn how to outgrow judgmental attitudes
   * Learn how to reclaim your power and attract health and harmonious relationships


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