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IGF offers LIFE COACHING focused on individual needs, BELIEFOLOGY COACHING—the self-study of beliefs, SPIRITUAL COUNSELING GROUPS, and Specialized Workshops for those involved with the education, empowerment, transportation, and nurturing of people with physical and  intellectual disabilities. New offerings will be added in the future, and a Train the Trainer program is in the works.

IGF - Individual Growth & Fulfillment with Ken Routson


* Everyone creates their reality through thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and expectations
* We are powerful expressions of Source, God, All That Is
* Life is always for us
* We are vibrational magnets that attract those people, situations, events, and experiences that are of like frequency
* We get what we focus and concentrate on
* We live in a safe and abundant universe
* Illness is language, and can indicate resistance, erro­neous belief, or misalignment with our authentic selves
* We are creators learning the joy of consciously co-creating a life of choice
* Life is supposed to be good and we can be or have or do anything we desire
* Source loves us unconditionally exactly as we are

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Is there a specific area of your life in which you could use assistance and support, such as discovering your purpose, navigating relationships, attracting abundance? I can help you develop a vision of your ideal outcome, and guide you in identifying and altering underlying patterns that keep you from attracting the harmony, joy, and fulfillment you seek.

One-on-one sessions in person (locally in Dayton, Ohio area) or by phone. The fee is $50/hr. Please contact me for an appointment.



Beliefology Coaching is based on my book and workbook, Beliefology: Raise Your Consciousness to Wealth, Health and Happiness.

I like to think of myself as a belief diagnostician. Since beliefs create reality, change comes from ascertaining which beliefs are manifesting which results. In this assisted self-study offering, I will help you create a Belief Profile from which limiting and degenerative patterns can be identified and transformed.

Beliefology Coaching involves three one hour sessions:

* putting together a personal belief profile
* a review of the belief profile
* identification and transformation of limiting beliefs

The cost of the package is $150 and includes the Beliefology book and workbook. After you buy the package, I will contact you to schedule your sessions.


—Ken’s book Beliefology provides an excellent foundation for anyone wanting to explore their beliefs so they can recreate their life in a better way. —Grant, Charlotte NC
—Ken’s life coaching and book, Beliefology, helped me to understand and identify my erroneous, limiting beliefs. Now I’m able to reclaim my power and listen to my inner guidance…—Linda, Cincinnati OH
—I read Beliefology and it assisted me in identifying and transforming my beliefs and habitual emotional responses, raising my vibrations. Consequently within a year, this book enabled me to attract many great things into my life, including someone who gave me $135,000! —Janette, Halifax, Nova Scotia

IGF - Individual Growth & Fulfillment Leslie Stewart Spirtual Counseling


IGF offers Spiritual Counseling Groups facilitated by my life partner, Leslie Stewart. Leslie is the channel for Orion, a loving non-physical collective consciousness that provides tools and inspiration to transform your life and reclaim the authentic power, prosperity, health, and joy that are your rightful inheritance.

For more information about Leslie, and to schedule a group presentation, please visit her website:

IGF - Individual Growth & Fulfillment with Ken Routson


Behavior Is Language is a specialized workshop I developed for those involved with the education, empowerment, transportation, and nurturing of people with physical and emotional disabilities, including down’s syndrome, autism, learning disabilities, destructive behavioral problems. The purpose of the workshop is to offer an understanding of why people with certain disabilities display destructive behaviors, and how to reduce or eliminate these challenges. The format includes both lecture and question and answer. Over the years, I’ve presented to teachers, special education teachers, nursing homes, bus drivers, public transit employees, group homes and supported living arrangements. I’m also available for individual consultations.

Please contact me for further information.


An experiential workshop for Special Education teachers, drivers, aides, and others in order to help them better understand the challenges of those with mental and physical disabilities.
Participants will:

* learn how to interact with more awareness and sensitivity
* learn how to structure the classroom and bus environment to help prevent behavior outbursts
* gain a better understanding of living with physical and mental disabilities through experiential “sensitivity stations” that illustrate neurological impairments
* experience being sent to lunch in a wheelchair

In addition, myths associated with the elderly and persons with disabilities will be addressed.


—Ken Routson has been the best speaker I’ve heard in 22 years. No one giving practical information has ever kept my interest so long.
—This is the first time anyone has ever addressed the sexuality problems we have on the bus and in the classroom. 
Ken’s sensitivity stations afforded me the opportunity to understand the dysfunction of the central nervous system that is the catalyst for much of my students’ behaviors.
Ken was exciting interesting and provided valuable information.


—The most positive response that I have ever received from my drivers in my 30 years that I have been transportation director.  
Because of the sensitivity stations that helped me understand neurological impairments, for the first time I understand the challenges of the parents.
Ken, I have received so many positive comments about your Sensitivity and Awareness workshop presented to all of the special education drivers and aides in the state of Louisiana. —Morris East, State Director of Pupil Transportation in Louisiana